What happens during a consultation?

Your Herbal Medicine Consultation

Initially there are two appointments. An initial consultation and then a follow up consultation after 2 weeks.  After the first follow up, subsequent appointments are arranged on an individual basis and need.

The consultation will take between 1-1.5 hours. We will discuss your reason for your appointment, about your general life and then a systems review which is where all the systems of the body are covered. During this part of the consultation, clues or other symptoms that are often ignored help the herbalist gain an understanding to the individual and they may or may not have a bearing on the initial reason.

The follow up appointment which takes place a fortnight later is to discuss how you have got on with the medicine, any changes that may have happened, or possible changes that may be needed to the prescription.

The prices are: £55 for the first appointment and £38 for all follow ups.
Medicines are priced: £8.50 per 100ml of tincture (an alcohol preparation), £7.00 per 100g dried herb and £7.50 per 60g cream. All powders and supplements are individually priced.

* Please note all consultation fees do not include medicines prescribed.

**Fees are reviewed on 1st May each year and are raised in line with inflation and to cover the increasing costs of herbal medicines.

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