The National Institute of Medical Herbalists

NIMH – The National Institute of Medical Herbalists(NIMH) are celebrating 150 years in 2014, the oldest profession of medical herbalists in the world.  The NIMH is the UK’s leading professional body representing herbal practitioners.  The Institute is self-regulating. The Institute sets the profession’s educational standards and runs an accreditation system for training establishments, maintains mandatory programmes of professional development, provides codes of conduct, ethics and practise, has a complaints mechanism and disciplinary procedures, represents the profession, patients and the public through participation in external processes such as regulation of the profession and herbal medicine. Members are required to have professional indemnity, public liability and medical malpractice insurance.

Link – NIMH Website

The College of Practitioners of Phototherapy

This is another professional body in the UK similar to NIMH as both require a degree in herbal medicine in join. CPP sets the standard worldwide as the body for ensuring the highest quality research, education and practice. All members are required to participate in a professional training scheme updating them with the latest scientific developments.

Link – CPP Website


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